Apply in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, Ashvath Vidyavahini Vibuthi on the forehead of the child.

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For the Goddess of Wealth to remain permanently at home, worship with lamp lit using Ashvath Lakshmi Kadaksha lamp oil. Trending Maharashtra Ayodhya Verdict. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now. President's rule imposed in Maharashtra after parties fail to stake claim. For Daily Alerts. Must Watch.

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Astrology predictions about me were always wrong, says Karnataka CM. Karnataka govt not to ban astrology shows on TV channels: Sources. For Breaking News and Instant Updates.

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Allow Notifications. You have already subscribed. Read more about: astrology marriage divorce death children astrologer jobs. Just 24 hours time: Why this claim by the Shiv Sena needs to be rubbished. Notification Settings X Time Settings. Indeed the festival of karthigai Deepam captivates the eyes of every witness and leaves them spellbound in the state of ultimate pleasure.

Mythology has got a lot to tell about the mesmerizing festival, Karthigai Deepam. Lord Shiva and his son Lord Muruga, also known as Karthikeya, are the main deities that are worshiped on this auspicious occasion. It is stated that Lord Shiva took a giant shape once and then asked Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to search for his head and feet in order to test their supremacy. Due to the immense power of that flame the day is also known as Maha Deepam.

This festival is also known from some more interesting names that have their own relevance. Lord Shiva took the form of the flame on the top of the Thiruvannamalai hill and thus the name Annamalai Deepam is also in existence. People also offer prayers in the honor of Lord Muruga as the day of Karthigai Deepam coincides with the day when the Karthigai constellation can be seen in the sky. As that night is also the full moon night, it can be said that moon is always in the conjunction with the constellation Karthigai on the festive day of Karthi Deepam.

The six stars of the constellation symbolize the six head of the Lord Muruga which means that the Karthigai constellation is the definite symbol of the Lord Muruga. Karthigai Deepam is celebrated in almost all the homes in the southern parts of the country. The people in South India have undying faith in this festival and it is considered as one of the most important festivals. They use lit lamps and diyas to avoid darkness to prevail in their home. Happiness and prosperity is invited with the means of light.

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The rituals of Karthigai Deepam include worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga and then spreading light all over in the surroundings. In some areas of South India, the festival is also dedicated to the pious relationship of brothers and sisters in which sisters pray for their brother heartily. To celebrate the Karthigai Deepam with utter devotion people tend to clean their house in advance and also draw rangolis at the entrance of their home.

The lit diyas are mainly kept at the entry doors and on all the windows of the home to restrict the evil forces enter the home.

The celebration of the festival Karthigai Deepam in , like every year, is going to be a delight to experience in the Tiruvannamalai hills as it is believed that the Lord Shiva took the form of flame on that hill. A huge lamp on that hill is lit to commemorate Lord Shiva and people from far away come every year to witness that zest of the festival at that hill. Celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and invite the blessings of Lord Shiva to your home.

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